Weather updates

Wild weather

Have you been affected by the recent wild weather?

The team at Vero are standing by to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Claims can be lodged by:

  • Calling us on 0800 808 134 or 
  • Email new claims to 
  • To assist with the prioritisation of claims, please include the policy number in the subject line and a brief description of what has happened.

If you have an AMP or ANZ policy provided by Vero, please contact us on the numbers below for advice and help:

It’s important that those whose homes or businesses have been affected only return to them if it’s safe to do so - making sure the building looks safe to enter and carefully check the structure for damage, as well as gas, water or electrical lines and appliances.


Here are a few things we recommend:

  1. Your safety comes first.
    Make sure you, your family, your pets and farm animals are safe and secure. 
  2. Take extra care when returning.
    Once you return to your property, if there’s damage that needs to be claimed for, contact us before you touch it – and if you’re not sure, contact us anyway.
  3. Tell us if your house is unliveable.
    If your house has been damaged so that you’re unable to live in it, let us know immediately. We will make your claim a priority and do what we can to help secure your property. 
  4. To help the claims process.
    We recommend getting your claim in as soon as possible documenting any damage (photo or video) and creating a list of all the damaged items prior to attempting any clean-up effort.

If you’re calling from outside New Zealand, call Call us+64 9 363 7551