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Below you can find insights and tools to help you with your SME customers.

2022 Vero SME
Insurance Index

The first issue of the 2022 Vero SME Insurance Index shares insights on growth opportunities for brokers and advisers.

Working together and sharing expertise.

Vero Risk Profiler

Access statistics, information and tools to help your customers reduce risk in their business.


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Looking for an insurance company that will be there during the moments that matter?

Vero has a strong reputation during claims time, backed by research from our brokers and customers. From rapid claims processing to going above and beyond during disasters, you can count on us. 

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Covid-19 2022 Infographics

NEW – 2022 Vero SME Covid-19 infographic

In our new 2022 Covid-19 infographic we surveyed 638 small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in New Zealand to see how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected them, what assistance they require at this time, and where you can offer your expertise. Click here to read the infographic

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Vero Online

Vero Online is the online toolset for Vero's intermediaries.

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Marine Premium Generator

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Marine Electronic Certificate System

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Cordell Calculator

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Vero Multi-Policy Discount Terms

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AMP Tools

AMPGO - Maxi/Flexi Products

Maxi/Flexi products enable you to provide personalised service to your clients.

AMP Digital - Everyday Products

New to AMP. Everyday Products are only available online.

Cordell Calculator

AMP Multi-Policy Discount Terms

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Policy documents and forms

As well as current policy wordings, you’ll also find older versions that your customers may still be using. Find out what’s changed here, before having a conversation with your customer.

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We’re here to help at claim time

Our claims service teams are ready to help your customers make a claim. Whether it’s online, by phone, email or by completing one of our claim forms. We’ll then guide them through the process from beginning to end.

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Natural Disaster Damage

Vero now manages your home and land claims on behalf of EQC. This means we can provide you with a seamless process for all your natural disaster claims whether they're covered under the EQC Act or under your Vero policies.

EQCover provides cover of up to $150,000 (+ GST) for a residential building. If the damage to your home goes over this amount, your Vero Residential Home insurance will cover damage above the EQCover limit up to the amount you are insured for.

EQCover also provides cover for:

  • land damage due to natural disasters to land under or within 8 metres of your home
  • land under your main accessway that is not more than 60 metres from your home.

To find out more on land cover visit the EQC website for more information.

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Vero research shows female small business owners may be missing out on advice


Vero research shows female small business owners may be missing out on advice

Research commissioned by Vero Insurance shows female small business owners and decision-makers (SMEs) are less likely to seek expert advice when it comes to insuring their business than their male counterparts.

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Your excess explained

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Even if you’ve read your policy information thoroughly or have made claims before, there are a few things about insurance excesses that you may not know.