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Business insurance
like hairdressing is
best left to an expert.

Find an insurance broker or adviser near youVisit page

Business insurance
like hairdressing is
best left to an expert.

Find an insurance broker or adviser near youVisit page

Why use a broker or adviser?

We all have things we need to protect.

Insurance can help you protect your assets, and that's why having the right insurance in place is vital if you need to make a claim.

Our insurance is available through our nationwide broker network.

We work with brokers because we believe your needs are unique. Using a broker means you'll have expert advice on hand to help find solutions to your specific insurance needs, including the most difficult of risks. And while we hope they'll recommend Vero, they don't have to. So it keeps us on top of our game.

Insurance cover can be complex, and it changes. Working with a broker means you're getting expert advice about the type of insurance you need to best manage your risks and protect your assets.

Your insurance broker can work with you to identify the key insurance risks that you or your business face. They can also research and recommend the insurance solutions best suited to your needs, and help if you need to make a claim.


Helping you get the most from your insurance

Let's say you have an insurance policy, but perhaps your situation has changed - do you still have the best cover for your circumstances? Talk this through with your broker as they can:

IncludedUnderstand your situation and assess your risk

IncludedGive expert advice on cover that suits your needs

IncludedReview your current policy and see if it still is fit for purpose

IncludedAdvocate for you and help manage your cover

IncludedAssist with any claims


The benefits of using a broker or adviser

1. Bringing in-depth risk mitigation experience to you or your business

When it comes to under standing your risk profile and how to mitigate it with the right cover, brokers are experts. Assessing your risk profile and recommending policies tailored to your needs is one of the most important things a broker can  do.

2. Adding value to policy cost and cover

A broker can assist you to find the best-value insurance policies and help you to understand whether a policy provides comprehensive cover for you or your business. Brokers can access policies that may not be available directly.

3. Advocating for you

One of the great advantages of working with a broker is their ability to support clients. They can advocate on your behalf and help to manage your covers and the claims process.

4. Acting as a source of insurance information and knowledge

Brokers can keep you up to date with changes in the legal and business landscape that may affect your risk and insurance needs. You can contact your broker with any queries you may have about your policy, or to understand if you're getting the best value from your policy.

5. Saving you time

Arranging insurance can be a time-consuming and complex task. Brokers can do the ground work and help with the full range of insurance tasks, freeing up your time.



Find a broker or adviser near you

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