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Our residential policy covers your most important asset: your home.

Nothing beats the feeling of owning your own home. As well as the biggest asset you’ll probably ever own, it’s often the result of many years of saving and planning.

With Vero Home Cover, we make it easy to insure your prized possession. You can choose from two levels of cover – Maxi or Flexi – and tailor your insurance to a Sum Insured value specified by you.

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If it’s worth doing, do it right.


Cover for Replacement

If you have Maxi House cover and your home is irreparably damaged, we can replace it, as new, up to the sum insured.


We protect more than just your house

Other things that are within your residential boundary are protected too – like driveways, swimming pools and retaining walls.


We’ll help you with alternative accommodation

If your home becomes unliveable, we’ll cover the cost of temporary accommodation for up to 12 months.

Maxi or Flexi—we’ve got you covered

Maxi Cover

Replacement means we’ll repair or replace your home as new, up to the Sum Insured value you specify on your policy.

Flexi Cover

Great basic insurance coverage. Ideal for insuring the family bach and rental properties. Based on market value and takes wear and tear into account.

Extra value with Vero

10% Extra cover for no extra cost

With our Maxi House cover, you may qualify for SumExtra. This gives you up to 10% more cover than your sum insured value in a natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, tsunami), and full repair or replacement for other insured events (e.g. flood, fire).

SumExtra details


Up to 10% off by combining house and contents

When insuring your most valuable assets, it's worth getting expert advice from an insurance broker or adviser. They will work with you closely to understand your needs, identify risks that are specific to you and advise you on the right cover.

When it comes to Sum Insured, don’t go with guesswork

Just as contents policies have always specified a maximum amount of total cover, now home insurance policies do too. It’s called Sum Insured.

Of course, you’ll need to know an accurate figure for your home to make sure you have enough cover if you need to repair or rebuild it. An accurate Sum Insured also means that you only pay for the cover you actually need.

You can calculate your Sum Insured online yourself, or ask a professional to help.

The Cordell Calculator helps you crunch the numbers for your home insurance online. Based on typical rebuild costs, it will help you calculate the Sum Insured.

It’s independent, easy to use, and only takes five minutes online.

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Qualifying for SumExtra

By updating your Sum Insured based on a professional estimate or Cordell calculation, you may also qualify for SumExtra. That means your insurance cover goes even further, with 10% more cover for natural disasters and full replacement cover for damage caused by events like fire, storm or flood.

Get insured with Vero

For expert advice on how Vero can help you with your insurance needs, talk to a broker or adviser. Our locator helps you find a broker or adviser near you.

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We’re for New Zealand

We’re here for New Zealanders whether it’s for general or specialist cover, we’re here to make insurance mean more for our customers. That means we do what really matters to make insurance more useful and more relevant to help you feel more confident.

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Special savings for clubs, organisation & groups

Vero Consumer Insurance Specialists (CIS) offers great savings and deals for affiliated clubs, organisations and groups and their members.

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Was your house built before 1945?

If your property was built before 1945 it might not be automatically covered, so it’s really important you give us all the information we need so we can let you know.

Unless customers have been advised otherwise, this new Vero Residential Home policy wording applies to new Home policies where cover commences from 1 July 2019 or existing Home policies that renew from 1 July 2019. For Vero customers, a summary of key changes from your previous Residential Home Policy can be found here:

Document PDFVero Personal Insurance policy change summary



We understand rural life too

With our Agriplan policy, you can cover all risks from your home and boat through to livestock, equipment, buildings, and even business interruption.

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Important information

Excesses, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply to these policies. Please check the policy wording for details of cover. The provision of cover is subject to the underwriting criteria that apply at the time.

Our website provides general information about our products and services to help you make choices when it comes to protecting the things in life and business that really matter and is not intended to be financial advice. For advice on product suitability, please contact your financial adviser.