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If it’s worth moving, it’s worth protecting

Moving to a new home is hard work. Packing up your life into boxes and deciding what stays and what goes, can be tough. It’s logical then to ensure what you take with you can be repaired or replaced if it is damaged or lost in transit. We can even cover items while they’re in professional storage.   

Although most generic contents insurance policies provide cover for your belongings while they’re in transit, the level of cover can be quite limited. We recommend you check any existing policies, and any policy requirements. Our specialised household removal insurance covers a range of options whether you're moving down the road, to the next suburb, a new city or overseas. If you’re unsure exactly how much cover you need, our removal valuation guide can help.

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If you need to make a claim for your cargo, please follow our Cargo claims procedure, and Emailsend us an email.

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Moving within New Zealand

Our Move New Zealand policy insures household items and personal effects up to a maximum sum insured of $250,000, or $10,000 for any individual item. If you think your goods, or any single item you’re transporting, exceeds these amounts, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We offer two levels of cover:

Full Cover

This covers you for accidental loss, physical damage or destruction of your belongings while they’re in transit. If your items are professionally packed, your excess in the event of a claim will be reduced from $500 to $100.

Limited Cover

This covers you if the truck, ship or plane transporting your belongings is in an accident, or is damaged by a natural hazard event such as fire, flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc.

We can even cover your items in storage at a commercial storage facility for up to six months.

Moving to or from New Zealand

Our Transit International policy covers household items and personal effects, as well as a range of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, caravans, boats, boat trailers and personal watercraft (jet-skis).  

If you require cover over $250,000, or $10,000 for any individual item, ask your broker to give the marine team a call.

You’ll need to supply a Valuation List for all items being transported and a Pre-shipment condition report for all vehicles, to ensure we have you fully covered.

We can cover your items in storage for up to six months, if they’re in a commercial storage facility in New Zealand or overseas.

If you need to make a claim, the following excesses (deductibles) will apply:

  • $250 for professionally packed household goods and personal effects (if you’ve packed them yourself it’s $1,000).
  • 1% of the sum insured, with a minimum of $500, for motor vehicles and caravans (if you haven’t completed the Pre Shipment Condition report this could be higher)
  • 1% of the sum insured, with a minimum of $500, for motorcycles, boats, boat trailers and watercraft.

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