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Our residential policy covers your most important asset – your home

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You’ve worked hard to buy your dream home. With Vero house insurance to help you protect it, you can sleep easy.

At Vero, we offer affordable, flexible house insurance that you can rely on if you need to repair or rebuild your home. You can choose from two levels of cover.

Vero’s Maxi house insurance

Maxi is our most comprehensive house insurance cover option. You’re covered for the cost of replacing your home, up to a Sum Insured amount that you choose.

Your home is protected against burglary, vandalism, fire, flood, storms and natural disasters, as well as accidental loss or damage.

Maxi also protects the things outside your home that are within your residential boundary, like driveways, retaining walls and swimming pools. And depending on the type of work you do, if you work from home your home office is covered too.

If your home is damaged and you’re unable to live in your home while repairs are being carried out, we can help you pay for alternative accommodation for up to 12 months.

For more details on our Maxi cover option, take a look at our Maxi policy wording.

Make your Maxi policy go further with SumExtra

With our Maxi policies, if you’re eligible you can get our SumExtra benefit for no extra cost. SumExtra gives you full replacement cover for your home for most events (like fire, storm or flood), even if it’s more than your Sum Insured. You can also get 10% extra cover on top of your Sum Insured if your home is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster – like an earthquake or tsunami.

Find out how to get SumExtra.

Vero’s Flexi house insurance

If you need to keep costs down, we also offer a Flexi cover option.

While with Maxi we cover the cost to rebuild your home to a ‘when new’ standard (up to the Sum Insured), with Flexi, you’re covered for the cost to replace your home to its value at the time of loss, up to the Sum Insured. This is called indemnity value, and it means we take into account the age and condition of your home at the time the loss occurred.

Under our Flexi cover option, instead of general accidental damage you’re covered for specific events including:

  • natural disasters like earthquakes,
  • burglary,
  • vandalism,
  • fire, flood and storm damage.

You can find the full list of events you’re covered for in our policy wording.

Our Flexi policy may be right for you if you don’t want to rebuild your home, or the condition of your home means you may not be eligible for a full replacement.

Flexi also protects the things around your house that are within your residential boundary, like driveways, swimming pools and, depending on the type of work you do, a home office if you have one.

Like Maxi, our Flexi policy includes alternative accommodation, which kicks in if your house is damaged and you are unable to live there while repairs are carried out.

Need help in an emergency?

No matter what level of cover you choose, under our home policies you’ll get access to our Emergency HELP assistance line.

HELP is a 24-hour, 7 day a week emergency assistance service. If you have a Vero residential home policy, it’s available to you, and the members of your immediate family living with you, at no extra cost.

With HELP, you can call us any time for assistance if you’re involved in an accident or disaster anywhere in New Zealand – even if you’re not making an insurance claim.

Whether your roof is leaking in the middle of the night, you’ve locked your keys in the car, or you just need emergency advice – ring HELP on 0800 800 786.

For more detail about the cover we offer, read our residential home policy wording.

Vero has updated relevant customer policies to cover claims for reparation orders resulting from accidents, under the Sentencing Amendment Act 2014. You can read a summary of the key changes to our Residential Home Maxi policy update and Residential Home Flexi policy update.

Ask your Insurance Broker about insurance for your home. Or use our Insurance Broker Locator to find a broker near you.