DIY business insurance,
like wedding cakes,
may not always go to plan.

Vero SME Insurance Index

The small to medium sized business (SME) sector is a significant growth engine for the New Zealand economy and a major audience for the insurance industry.

This is why Vero has developed the Vero SME Insurance Index. The research is designed to identify insights and shed light on the opportunities and challenges presented by SMEs to brokers and advisers.


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View all the customer insights from each issue of the Vero SME Insurance Index. These insights will help build a deeper understanding of commercial insurance for SMEs in New Zealand.

2021 Edition

2021 - Issue 3
Rural SMEs


2021 - Issue 1

2020 Edition

2020 - Issue 2
Natural disasters


2020 - Issue 1
SME Market Landscape

2019 Edition

2019 - Issue 1
SME Market Landscape

2018 Edition

2018 - Issue 3
Women SME Decision Makers


2018 - Issue 1
SME Market Landscape

2017 Edition

2017 - Issue 2
SMEs under 50 years


2017 - Issue 1
SME Market Landscape

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About the Vero SME Insurance Index

Over 900 SMEs across New Zealand have voiced their opinion in the Vero SME Insurance Index this year. The findings show several areas where brokers and advisers can target their offering to add value for SME customers. Vero will work with our business partners in using this research to identify opportunities to target their offerings and provide the right kind of value to customers.

For this research, a SME has been defined as per Statistics New Zealand - a business that employs between 1 and 19 people (including sole traders). The survey has been run in Australia for the last five years, and in New Zealand since 2017.