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Learn about risks in your specific industry - and how to reduce them

Working together to keep you safer

Of course, we’re here to pay claims if the worst happens, but keeping your business going and ensuring your people are kept safe is our top priority. From damaged equipment and downtime, to loss of premises and regaining business momentum – it’s a lot easier to simply reduce the risk in the first place.

Choose the category which best describes what you do

Your business may cover more than one, so feel free to explore.

From high-end accommodation to backpackers e.g. hotels, motels, B&B and AirBnB
Building owners
For buildings tenanted by manufacturing, commercial or retail businesses e.g. block of shops
Providing services to the community e.g. sports and social clubs, rec centres, religious buildings, gyms
Engineering, garages and motor trades
Machine engineering and motor workshops, motor vehicle dealers, vehicle dismantling or modification, panel shop and spray painting
Hospitality and entertainment
Providing food or indoor entertainment e.g. Cafés, takeaways, pubs, cinemas and galleries
Manufacturing goods from raw materials or component parts. e.g. plastics, fibreglass, wood or metal
Medical facilities from doctor and dental surgeries, alternative medical practices, and vets
Office and administration
Office based businesses e.g. administration, architects, graphic design, financial services
All retail shops, including clothing and variety stores, dairies and supermarkets, liquor stores and bakeries
For rural and farming activities, both commercial and non-commercial
A process or service e.g. printing, media and IT businesses, engraving, hairdressing, childcare
Tradespeople who primarily work from a vehicle – electricians, plumbers, drainage, gas fitting, builders, landscapers etc

Explore by the type of risk

Deeper insights and more detailed information for the most frequent, or significant, kinds of claim.

How to reduce the most common risks of fire
Identifying electrical problems and associated risks
Learn about physical and electronic security systems
Weather and water
What to do during weather events and preventing water leaks
Natural events
Staying safe and minimising damage caused by natural events
Vehicles and driving
Learn about things you can do to help you stay safe on the road
Business resilience
Ways to minimise the impact of business disruption