Your industry risk report

Most common claims for Service providers

Weather events



Water damage/Burst Pipes



Accidental damage/Loss






Impact damage



Burglary/Theft from vehicle



Malicious damage/Vandalism



Source: Vero New Zealand Claims 2018-2020

The 3 top causes – and what you can do to avoid them

Weather events
Water damage/Burst Pipes
Accidental damage/Loss

Keep in mind that things like fire – while it may have a lower claims frequency – can be equally, if not more, devastating.
That’s why we’re helping you understand a range of risks for your business.


Learn how you can reduce risk

To help you, our specialists have compiled a range of information sheets that cover off typical risks.
They might not all be relevant to your specific business, but there are lots of helpful hints and essential ‘must have’ precautions.

SME Insurance Index - Issue 1 highlights

Our handy checklist

This handy checklist lets you self-assess risks to your business. It won't affect your policy and you don't need to send it back.

Industry risk guide

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Specific watch-outs

Deeper insights and more detailed information for the most frequent, or significant, kinds of claim. 


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Water & Weather

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