Refer a customer to Vero Support


Financial hardship cases

If your customer is experiencing financial hardship and isn't able to pay their premium, email to discuss options.

See also our customer-facing page: Managing the cost of your insurance


Introducing Vero Support

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When a customer is experiencing vulnerability, we can facilitate a referral to Vero Support who will contact the customer to provide professional support, which can include:

  • Counselling support
  • Connection to additional external community support services and government support agencies
  • Follow up wellbeing check in phone calls
  • and if the customer's immediate access to food, safety or shelter is compromised, emergency hardship assistance may be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Vero Support can offer further support to the above, which will be assessed by the Vero Support team when they contact the customer. This service is available for all Vero customers free of charge and is confidential.

We don’t want you to feel any additional pressure when it comes to supporting customers. Having Vero Support available for you to refer customers to means together we can provide customers with support from experts who are in the best position to be able to help. 

See also our customer-facing page: Extra support


Request a referral to Vero Support

About the customer

Please ensure the number you obtain is for the correct person –
we want to make sure this individual is protected in any potential domestic or family violence situation

Important note:

About you as a Broker/Adviser