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Our Broker story

The value of advice


At Vero, we sell businesses insurance through insurance brokers because we believe that our customers benefit from receiving high quality, independent insurance advice.

Here are a few reasons why we encourage customers to seek the advice of their broker or adviser:

  • Expertise

    Brokers offer the value of expertise. Although often this might just mean insurance expertise, some brokers can also offer more general advice on your business, including business planning, risk management and regulatory changes that will affect you.

  • Service

    Many customers value the service they got from their broker. Sometimes that will be simply the broker putting your insurance arrangements in place or assisting with claims. But many business customers have full partnership relationships with a broker where they make decisions together about their insurance needs.

  • Confidence

    Do you ever worry about whether you have the right insurance for your business, or whether you’ll be covered if something went wrong? Using a broker could help. Brokers can ensure that your business has the right insurance for your needs.

To read more about the benefits of having a broker, visit our Vero Voice Blog 5 Reasons to Use a Broker.

If you’re keen to talk to a broker about your business insurance needs, we can help you find one.

Our Kaikoura story

Showing we care

On 14 November 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Kaikoura, causing severe damage in the upper South and lower North Islands.  

Our team was on the ground immediately – but we know that after a disaster, our customers don’t just need an insurance assessor. They need to know people care.

So, we teamed up with My Food Bag and Goodman Fielder and arranged for 800 My Food Bag Bargain Boxes to be delivered to the communities in and around Kaikoura.

Local community groups and agencies, including the Salvation Army, the Kaikoura Fire Service, the Rural Support Trust and Takahanga Marae all helped us deliver the 16,000 meals to those who needed them most.

It meant meals for a week, and one less thing for people to worry about. It gave them comfort, relief, and showed people care.

Because when disaster strikes, Vero wants to help communities recover – not just rebuild.

Our Drone story

Doing things differently

In April 2017, Cyclone Debbie caused severe flood damage to properties in Edgecumbe. Many people were evacuated from their homes at short notice, and lost everything when the Rangitaiki River burst its banks.

Parts of the town were completely cut off, but Vero’s claims team launched drones over the community to figure out which of our customers might be affected.

Using drone technology, we completed initial assessments of all the properties we insure within two weeks – before anyone was even allowed to access the town.

This enabled our claims teams to appoint necessary resources and start the process of managing claims, before the cordon was lifted.

The ability to think differently about how we could assess cut off properties meant that Vero customers were among the first to their homes following the completion of (sometimes significant) repairs. 

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