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Protecting your home this winter - our tips

Jimmy Higgins

By Jimmy Higgins
Executive General Manager, Claims

8 June, 2016

Over winter, the temperatures drop and New Zealand can experience heavy rain, storms and power cuts.

At Vero, when a big storm hits we usually see a large number of claims for damage caused by storms – everything from flood damage to strong winds and rain. Even something as simple as a cold snap can freeze pipes and cause problems for our customers.

In this video, some of our people give their top tips for protecting your home over winter.

We have proven expertise in disaster management, and in the event of a major storm we’ll be on the ground ready to help. But there are many steps that our customers can take to reduce the possibility that their home will suffer damage during severe weather. 

Simple things like closing your windows, installing gutter guards in your home or trimming trees and overhanging branches around your property can save you a lot of trouble if a big storm hits.

If you’re a Vero customer and you need advice, you can call our emergency HELP line 24 hours a day on 0800 800 786.

And as always, if wild weather hits – take care of people first, and then your property. And remember, we’re just a phone call away.


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