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Our tips for protec­ting your home this winter

Tom Hinds

By Jimmy Higgins
Chief Executive Officer

16 May, 2017

With winter fast approaching for 2017, the temperatures have dropped and we’ve already seen some heavy rain, storms and power cuts.

At Vero, we see a large number of claims caused by storm damage between May and August – everything from flood damage to strong winds and rain. Even something as simple as a cold snap can freeze pipes and cause problems for our customers.

In this video, some of our people give their top tips for protecting your home over winter.

5 tips for protecting your home


Clean your gutters

Blocked drains can mean a lot of damage to your home if there are heavy rains, so clear your gutters and drains at the start of each season.


Check heaters and electric blankets

Faulty wiring or electrical problems can start fires, so make sure your heating equipment is in good shape before you start using it.


Prepare your outdoor area

If you’ve got somewhere to store your outdoor items and furniture, put away anything you don’t need for winter. If a storm comes, secure or bring inside anything that might blow away.


Conduct regular maintenance

Clearing your chimneys, checking your windows and keeping an eye out for leaking roofs or pipes are all good ways to ensure you won’t get hit by the weather.


Check your insurance

Check that your cover is up to date, and that you’ve got the right level of cover for you. If in doubt, talk to a broker or adviser.

If the worst happens, we can help

If you’re a Vero customer and you do need advice, you can call our emergency HELP line 24 hours a day on Call us0800 800 786.

If you need to make a claim, you can call us on Call us0800 800 134 or contact your broker or adviser.



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