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More small businesses could access government funded robbery-prevention

By Michael Dunning
Portfolio Manager, Commercial and Rural

27 March 2018


Burglary, theft and aggravated robbery is becoming a big problem for small retail outlets.

For many of these customers, prevention may be a better solution than the ability to make an insurance claim, especially because of the high number of reported incidents of violence during robberies.

Our Risk Management team visit customers like these to evaluate their security and recommend ways to minimise risk.

Prevention is better than cure for robbery risk

We sometimes recommend the installation of fog generating devices as part of an overall security strategy, but the cost can be a barrier for small businesses.

Many small businesses don’t realise that the Government is currently offering subsidises for businesses that are considered high risk for aggravated robbery.

Businesses that meet the criteria can apply for co-funding for items like panic alarms, fog generating devices, time safes, and DNA spray, paying as little as $250 with the government funding the rest.

Keeping small business owners safe

We believe that this is a great opportunity for customers to not only prevent loss but more importantly to reduce the personal safety risk to business owners, their families and staff, and their livelihood.

To access the subsidy, businesses need to contact the New Zealand Police, who will assess their business and determine whether it’s high risk and qualifies for the subsidy.

Police officers will review risk factors including location, previous targeting by thieves, graffiti and suspicious activity, to assess if a business qualifies for a subsidy.

If a business qualifies for the subsidy, it’s a good idea for customers to work closely with device installers to make sure any security solutions are right for them. Customers should also liaise with Fire Emergency New Zealand so that they are aware that a fog generating device has been installed.

Need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim, you can contact your insurance broker or adviser or call us directly. If you have a car insurance policy with Vero, you can also claim online.

Make a claim

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