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Your five-step home security checklist for summer

By Matt Williams
Executive Manager, Claims Services

17 December 2019


Going away, or staying home this summer? No matter what your plans, spending a little time on your home security could help to make the season a lot more fun-filled and stress-free.

Try these five home security steps, then, sit back and enjoy the long warm days!

1. Get your neighbourhood involved

If you’re planning a trip, make sure your neighbours know the dates you’ll be away so they can keep an eye on your place. Ask one of them to clear your mail and consider joining your community Neighbourhood Support group. It could be a great way to strengthen your neighbourhood ties.

2. Check your locks and alarms

Make sure your alarms work and, if possible, are monitored. If you can afford it, a Wi-Fi camera is an excellent way to keep connected to your home when you’re away.  Check that the locks on your windows and ranchsliders are working too. And, if you’ve got vegetation near your house, trim it back to make sure there aren’t inviting spots for thieves to hide in.

3. Be a tidy Kiwi

A lot of theft is opportunistic, so it’s a good idea to put away outdoor equipment like bikes, lawnmowers, tools and barbeques after you’ve used them. If you have a shed, get into the habit of making sure it’s locked too.

If you’re planning to be away after Christmas, don’t put packaging from your new gifts in the recycling. Instead, leave them in a hard-to-see spot inside, or take the recycling with you!

4. Make staycation time secure too

You’re likely to leave doors and windows open when you’re home over summer. Be mindful and, when you’re in the garden, shut and lock anything that could provide easy access for thieves.

5. Set yourself up for an easier claim

Take photos of your valuables. It’ll help prove you owned the item if you need to claim for it later. Hopefully though, if you’ve followed the steps above, the only photos you’ll need to look at this summer are your holiday snaps!

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