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CEO Jimmy Higgins spends the day with customers from flood impacted Auckland areas

2 February 2023

Total claims from the Auckland Anniversary storm event have exceeded 3000, across Suncorp New Zealand’s general insurance brand, Vero, and its joint venture with the New Zealand Automobile Association, AA Insurance. The claims are across consumer, business, motor and corporate and the rate of claims lodgements is increasing sharply.  

Since Friday evening, Vero has had teams on the ground to assist those most impacted and to prioritise the needs of those most vulnerable and in need of safe, dry accommodation.

The assessment of the early claims is well under way, with Vero pulling in every available assessment and claims resource from its network, including between 50 and 100 team members from Suncorp Group’s Australian headquarters.

Suncorp New Zealand CEO Jimmy Higgins says the priority remains those who are most in need and that the insurer’s teams on the ground can help.




“I was out yesterday talking to customers. There’s a lot of vulnerability out there, people doing their best to push on and be resilient. I met with people who were in gumboots, mucking silt out of their homes – and I want people to know that we can help with this, especially for the elderly and those finding it hard to cope.  

“The rain continues to fall across some areas today. This is going to be one of the hardest hitting weather events New Zealand has seen and claims are going to be significant. We’re doing all we can to bring in additional resource to support our customers through this event and with their recovery but this will be a long event, and it will take many months for homes to be repaired and claims to be settled.”

“Supply chain disruption hasn’t really eased since the pandemic, but we will work closely with all of our customers and keep them informed along the way.”

Higgins added that the timing of this event will add to the overall toll. “The biggest impact will be felt by families already under pressure from the rising cost of living. And of course, the added stress of getting the kids back to school next week.”

If customers need a Vero representative urgently, or urgent repairs are required, customers should call us immediately on 0800 800 134. In all other cases, claims should be lodged online through   

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