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Vero Voice Blog

Shared mobility services offer flexibility, but do you have the protection you need?

Richard Godman

By Richard Godman

Manager Technical Underwriting, Consumer Insurance

25 October 2018


One of the things we’re looking at here at Vero is how our customers’ needs will change in the future, and what changes we might need to make to the products and services we offer. 

Some of the big changes that we see coming are in mobility and the sharing economy, and a great example is the shared bicycles and e-scooters which have recently flooded some of New Zealand’s cities. 

App-based services like Onzo bikes and Lime allow users to rent bikes or e-scooters for anywhere from a few minutes to hours or days. They’re great for giving Kiwis new, clean transport options, without requiring them to invest in purchasing, maintaining and insuring their own bike or e-scooter or pay rising fuel costs.

But they do leave an insurance gap that many of their users may not be aware of – liability cover if anything goes wrong.

Vero Contents insurance customers are still covered

In New Zealand, anyone using a bike or a scooter (or their e-versions) could be liable under various laws if they injure another person or damage someone else’s property. 

Traditionally, Kiwis with a bike or scooter would insure it with a Contents insurance policy, which also covers their liability if they accidentally cause damage or injury while using it.

Luckily, we sometimes find times when our traditional insurance products will meet our customers’ needs in completely new ways – and bike and e-scooter* rentals are one of those times.

If you’re a Vero customer with a Contents insurance policy, our policy will still cover your liability for accidental damage or injury while using a bike or e-scooter – even if you don’t own it.

If you're not a Vero customer and you use shared bikes or scooters, check whether you're covered 

If you’re using a bike or e-scooter rental service, keep in mind that you could be held liable if you accidentally damage something or injure someone while you’re using it.

That means you could be asked to pay for repairs or required by the Court to pay damages.

If you want cover for your liability and you don’t have a Vero Contents insurance policy, it’s a good idea to chat to your insurance broker about what policies you have and whether they cover you, or whether you need a new type of cover for using shared transport options.

If you don’t have a broker, you can find one using our insurance broker locator.

* Motorised scooters (the kind that need a helmet and a license) are covered by vehicle insurance policies.

The information in this article has been compiled from various sources and is intended to be factual information only. It is not personal advice and any description of an insurance product or service is not a complete description of all the terms and conditions applicable to the particular insurance product or service. You should consult a qualified adviser for advice on whether the information in this article is suitable for your personal situation and needs. While we take reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate and up-to-date, it is subject to change without notice. Vero Insurance New Zealand and its related companies does/do not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with your use of or reliance on this article.

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