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Getting your boat ready to launch – Maintenance and Insurance tips!

Written by the Pleasurecraft team

28 July 2023


Keep your boat looking ship-shape over winter and spring, so you can get out on the water as soon as the weather warms up!

The below tips are a great reminder to help you get prepared, regardless of if you are new to the sea or a seasoned skipper.

It’s important to keep up with boat maintenance as your boat insurance policy may include an exclusion for loss or damage caused by poor maintenance.

Often poor maintenance is expressed as ‘being in an unseaworthy condition’. Additionally, your trailer must be roadworthy.

Check out the Vero Pleasurecraft policy wording for information on exclusions of loss or damage due to poor maintenance.

Boat maintenance

  • Replace fuel and oil if these have been sitting for a long time
  • Make sure your batteries are charged and working
  • Check anodes in case they need replacement whilst the Vessel is out of the water, or while you are doing your engine service
  • Check Seacocks aren’t seized, and replace these if required
  • Check your anchor winch and chain for rust and potential seizure
  • Check any mooring lines for chaffing and correct placement, as these can move during weather events
  • Check your Trailer lights are working, and it has a current WOF and registration if applicable

Safety equipment

  • Check fire extinguishers and flares are in date
  • Check your EPIRB is tested, and the battery is in date
  • Check your Life raft is within its service date
  • Check your lifejackets are in good condition and suitable for the type of boating you do.

Keep your knowledge up to date

Ensuring you are as prepared as possible and that you know the risks on the water go a long way to help keep you and your family safe whilst onboard. 

Consider upskilling with one of the many Maritime courses provided in New Zealand, to ensure your ongoing learning and safety. There are a variety of courses to choose from to match your level of Boating knowledge and experience:

As Insurers we look at many factors when insuring your boat, such as its age, condition, location and use. Additionally, having some experience, training and/or qualifications goes a long way towards being a responsible boat owner!

Insuring your boat

Check your insurance policy with your broker and make any adjustments to the Sum Insured if required, especially when considering additional boating gear or fishing and diving equipment.

Just a reminder

Haul-out Yards, contractors and marine engineers are quieter during the winter months than they are ahead of Labour weekend or the week before Christmas! Consider booking any services you may require ahead of time to ensure your spot.

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