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Don’t let ultra­fast broad­band affect your security

By Michael Dunning
Portfolio Manager, Commercial and Rural

10 May, 2017

The world is moving faster these days and to keep up, New Zealanders are choosing to upgrade their home or business to ultrafast broadband (or UFB).

But what many people don’t know is that switching to UFB can have an impact on some of the systems they’ve put in place to protect themselves. 

Switching to ultra-fast broadband can affect your systems

One of the best tools to help protect you, your belongings or your business is a monitored intruder alarm system – they often also include fire detection. 

We encourage our customers to identify and manage their risks before things go wrong, and you’ll often get a discount on your premiums if you have a monitored alarm system. If something happens while the system isn’t working or is turned off, it could have an impact on your insurance claim. 

Because older monitored analogue intruder alarm systems use copper telephone cables to communicate with a monitoring station, they aren’t compatible with the new digital UFB system. If you’re getting UFB installed, you’ll need to arrange an alternative way to allow your alarm system to send its signals to the company monitoring the alarm.

Tips to make sure you’re ready for UFB


If you decide to switch, talk to your telco and alarm company and they can help you work out a solution that will keep you connected.


You could use solutions such as ‘integrated wiring’ or cellular transmitters, to maintain the connection of your current alarm.


Alternatively, you could upgrade your alarm system to one that is UFB compatible.


Remember that monitoring through an internet router requires power, so check whatever system you choose will work in an outage, or arrange a backup power source.

If you can, it’s definitely better to think about the implications for your alarm systems before you make the switch to UFB. Retrofitting systems can be costly, so start the conversation early.

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