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Combatting rural theft – what can be done? 

8 November 2022


Rural theft is on the rise, so here at Vero, we want to ensure our rural customers are well placed to protect themselves from thieves and burglary.

This is why we’ve partnered with Farmgate, a Kiwi start-up providing an access control system for rural properties that utilises three arms of defence. This defence system includes a system of outdoor cameras, real time licence plate identification that links with a NZ Police stolen vehicle register and a solar powered barrier arm.

Why Vero wants to combat rural theft

Vero Executive Manager for Rural Portfolios, Sonya Whitney says customers deserve to feel that their possessions are safe and sound on their property – and it’s concerning to see theft on the rise in rural areas.

“Vero has seen a 34% increase in claims costs for theft and burglary losses against rural policies in 2022 which will have undoubtedly caused strife for a number of our customers.

“The good news is that companies like Farmgate exist to provide extra protection against thieves.”



Vero is teaming up with Farmgate


By teaming up with Farmgate, Sonya says Vero will be able to help to bring wider awareness and accessibility to these theft deterrent services and help to educate customers on systems that may assist them in keeping their possessions safe. 

As part of Vero’s collaboration with Farmgate, a 25% discount on Farmgate products will be offered to existing and new Vero customers until 31 December 2022.* 

Vero will also be hosting a Farmgate demonstration at the A&P show in Canterbury in November and offering $500 cash-back* to anyone who purchases a Farmgate product before 31 December 2022*.   


What sets Farmgate apart

Farmgate Managing Director, Andrew Sing estimates that up to 60% of rural crime incidents could occur in a stolen vehicle, usually through the front entrance of the property.

“This is why the Farmgate system focuses on the front of the property and what makes it so game changing for farmers.

“Gone are the days where farmers will need to be concerned about unattended entrances to their property.

“Farmgate’s technology means that when a vehicle approaches the property, the system can automatically verify the licence plate. Authorised vehicles (like milk tankers) are automatically admitted. Otherwise, the barrier arm drops to keep them out.”

Find out more about what Farmgate can do for you at  


**Offer starts 1 November and ends 31 December 2022. Full terms and conditions found at

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