Cordell Calcu­lator
for ANZ customers

Use the Cordell calculator to help you set your sum insured

The Cordell calculator is an independent online tool provided by CoreLogic. It can help you calculate how much it might cost to rebuild your home, taking into account the cost of structures, special features, labour, professional fees (e.g. architects, council consents) demolition costs and removal of any debris. The calculation is based on information from a variety of third party sources and typical rebuild costs for homes with similar materials and features. Check the information is completed and accurately describes your home, it's easy to update.

Check your property data

It doesn’t take long to generate a rebuild estimate for your property, but it is important to take the time to check the CoreLogic property data accurately reflects your home. It’s easy to update the data if you need to. 

Don’t forget to consider the slope of your land, square metres of home and features outside of your home such as the extent of retaining walls, paving and driveways.  As this information can have quite an impact on your rebuild cost.

If your home is high spec, has special features or is highly engineered or architecturally designed it might be a good option to reach out to a registered valuer or quantity surveyor who will be able to give you a more precise rebuild estimate.

Keep a copy of your rebuild estimate

We recommend reviewing your sum insured at each renewal to make sure you have enough cover, as rebuilding costs can fluctuate.

Don’t forget to email yourself a copy of the rebuild estimate or keep a copy in a safe place.  It’s useful if you need to refer back to it and you’ll need it to qualify for the SumExtra benefit at claim time.

To qualify for SumExtra, the rebuild estimate must be less than 3 years old at the time the sum insured was most recently set. You can find out more about SumExtra, including the terms and conditions and how to qualify in the home insurance section of the policy wording.  

Use the Cordell Calculator