Contents Calcu­lator

What are your household contents really worth?

It really is worth the time to work out an estimate of the value of your household contents to help set your sum insured. You might be surprised at how much your household contents are worth when you add them all up! 

The handy Contents Calculator is an independent online tool that can help you quickly and easily calculate an estimate of how much it might cost to replace your household contents. 

The calculation is based on typical content replacement costs as provided by Sum Insured Pty Ltd, New Zealand and Australia's leading provider of building contents cost information.

You can use the estimates the Contents Calculator gives you to assist in setting the replacement cost on your contents insurance.


This is an independent tool provided by the company ‘Sum Insured Pty Ltd’ and the estimate produced is not shared with Vero. The calculator does not constitute financial advice and you must make your own decision on the sum insured for your contents insurance that is appropriate for your own personal circumstances. You should regularly check your contents replacement cost and adjust your sum insured if required.

Information you’ll need

Using the Contents Calculator is simple. It will ask you for information like:

  • Your address
  • The number and type of rooms that make up your home
  • Quantity and quality of contents in your home
  • How many people live with you

Don’t forget the extras

To get a more accurate estimate you can adjust or add additional items and categories of items to be included in your estimate. This will readjust the estimate.

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