Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability

At Vero, we’re committed to being there for our customers in the moments that matter.

As part of this commitment, we’ve developed a long-term customer care initiative to support customers experiencing vulnerability.

We know that everyone experiences vulnerability at some time in their lives and, when it comes to our customers, we want to be there to help. 


How we identify customers experiencing vulnerability

At Vero, we define vulnerability as:

When a customer’s personal circumstances and characteristics mean they need special support, care, or protection to ensure they receive the best possible experiences and outcome.

To better identify when customers may need additional support, we have developed a number of vulnerability profiles. You’ll find some of these included below.

Although these profiles do not cover every potential contributor to vulnerability, we use them a guide to help us in identifying opportunities to support our customers.


Community partners

We’ve developed strong working partnerships with trusted community support services to ensure we can offer meaningful support to customers experiencing vulnerability. They include Shine, Lifeline Aotearoa, Age Concern, Good Shepherd and Money Talks.

By creating long-term partnerships with these respected organisations, we’ve given our people the support and resources they need to be confident in identifying when our customers might be vulnerable and offering practical support that makes a difference.


Are you experiencing vulnerability?

If you’re a Vero customer experiencing vulnerability, please let us know and we will do our best to support you. Click here to contact us.


Our corporate responsibility

Assisting customers experiencing vulnerability supports our commitment to corporate responsibility. As part of Suncorp New Zealand, we follow four key corporate responsibility principles to help support our purpose and create a better today for the long term.

Learn more about Suncorp’s corporate responsibility.