Claims Tips

Here’s some simple steps you can take to make things easier should you need to make a claim.

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do now, before anything happens, to make it easier if you ever need to claim. 

But if the worst should happen and there’s been loss or damage, our after event tips will help to put things right.

Tips for what you can do now

  • Make a list of all your home contents

    This is easy with a video camera.  Record each room and open your cupboards to show what’s inside.  Store the video away from your house or upload it to cloud based storage.

  • Keep all proof of ownership papers

    Like receipts and a list of identification or serial numbers for high-value items.  This information can help the police to return recovered property.

  • Have your jewellery valued

    Get jewellery valued at least every five years to make sure you’re insured for the right amount.  Checking claws, catches, hooks and settings every 2-3 years will help prevent the loss of precious stones or entire pieces of jewellery.

  • If you have an open fire, get your chimney cleaned

    You should do this once a year. And when removing the ash, make sure it has had time to cool; place it into a metal container and pour water on it; and store the container away from your house.

What to do after an event

  • Make your property secure

    If your home or business has been damaged, do whatever needs to be done to secure the premises and make it comfortable for your family or staff.

  • Contact us as soon as you can

    Tell us how bad it is.  If we know exactly how bad your damage is we may be able to arrange additional help to make things better straight away.

  • Do not admit liability

    Or enter into any settlement agreement without talking to us, or your Broker or Adviser first.

  • Do everything you can to minimise the damage to your property

    Like removing water-damaged property out of your home or business – the sooner you do, the sooner everything will dry.  This is especially true for carpets.

  • Take photographs

    If you know of an incident that could lead to a claim, document the facts and photograph the evidence if you can.  Photograph any damage to your home or property too.